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Companies in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors (agricultural, industrial, commercial, providing services) have the need for accounting information both for the analysis of their financial statements and for the costing and pricing of goods (or services) they offer in order to allocate costs and determine unit costs.

At DIOKEIN-EPIXEIREIN we believe that Administrative Information is a prerequisite for making constructive decisions. Every decision must be made after an assessment, analysis and evaluation of all those relevant parameters that affect this issue. Administrative Information provides all the necessary information regarding the degree of implementation of the objectives, which have been set during the planning stage, and ensures the correct decision-making.

Our company offers reports and analyses for the whole company, which provide comprehensible information that produces conclusions, without wasting time. We study carefully and analyse the financial data of your business, revealing both its weak elements and those elements in which it has a strategic advantage.

Some of the services we can provide you:


Operating expenses


Period Results


Balance sheet for the period


Working Capital Analysis


Financial Indicators


Sales Reports


Budget preparation that will include a cash-flow budget program according to the needs of the company


Analysis of discrepancies between budget and statements by relevant period

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