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Today the terms “entrepreneurship” and “internationalization” have penetrated the modern business vocabulary to describe the functions of modern business in the domestic and international business environment. The globalization of the economy creates the need for extroversion in order to operate outside the natural Greek borders as alternative investment proposals with significant economic benefits emerge.

The huge purchasing and economic changes that have taken place in the international economic environment with the liberalization of markets and the intensity of competition combined with the contraction of the local market highlight today the great opportunities for business activities abroad.

At DIOIKEIN-EPIXEIREIN we provide a wide range of financial and tax advice for investment projects in foreign countries, exploring and evaluating their institutional and regulatory framework. The practical tax advice combined with the compliance framework that we follow regarding the taxation of the countries of destination, create the security that a consistent tax approach is followed to maximize the investment of a company in markets outside Greece.

Some of the services we can provide you:


Process of establishing a company of any corporate form abroad


Opening corporate bank accounts abroad


Valid information about the institutional and regulatory framework of the country to be selected by the company

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