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In recent years, even at the international level, the application of precise specifications is based on standards at the operating level of a company. There are principles that certify the minimum standards for the operation of the company and these are issued either by the international standards organization ISO (International Standardization Organization), or by the European Union and individual national or other standards bodies.

ISO certification is not a license that allows or prohibits an activity, it is a certification that a company complies with certain rules regarding the quality assurance of products or services, management, production, etc. The longer she keeps them, the more she holds such a certification. By receiving the necessary certifications, the best cooperation between companies is possible, additional financing possibilities are created and the relationship of trust between your business and your customers is strengthened.

The most common types of ISO certifications are 9001 and 14001. ISO 9001 certification applies to the process of production and quality control of a product or service and to the control of supplies, while ISO 14001 certification indicates various standards that are followed to avoid adverse effects on the environment.

Ensure the recognition of your business by implementing & certifying a management system from the following:


Quality System Certification


System Certification for the Environment


Information System Certification


Service Quality System Certification


System Certification for Hygiene & Safety in the workplace

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