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The preparation of a complete business plan is a demanding process that concerns the planning of the business activities of a company that is already operating or is about to start. The design of the business plan requires analysis, planning, forecasting, synthesis and evaluation and this is where the need to understand strategy arises as a concept but mainly as a way of thinking. In a volatile and highly complex business environment where strategic decision-making and methodological implementation are required, no one can deny the need for corporate planning and strategy.

This strategy should also take into account the external environment of the business, with the threats and opportunities it provides. Specifically, these are the macro-environment (political, economic, social, technological) and the micro-environment (direct and indirect competitors).

Our services aim to support the company in choosing the right strategy and the optimal allocation of the necessary resources for the implementation of business objectives. DIOKEIN-EPIXEIREIN, with its specialization in new technologies, is able to analyse the information and use it properly, leading to the most appropriate strategic decisions immediately.

DIOIKEIN-EPIXEIREIN has the experience to effectively help modern businesses. Its consulting department, having worked together with companies of all sizes and objects, has developed the necessary know-how, so that it can record the real needs of the client, propose services tailored to his needs and monitor their effective implementation. Through a range of consulting services, we try to contribute positively, proposing the best solutions in matters of development, modernization and reorganization.

Some of the services we can provide you:


Preparation of business plans




Assessments for obtaining bank financing


Valuation of companies for investment opportunities

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