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Payroll Management is a crucial part of the proper and successful operation of a business. Its correct conduct requires a deep knowledge of labour and insurance legislation, which in fact has undergone extreme changes in the past few years.


According to current data, the deadlines for submitting documents, such as recruitment, contracts, departures, work programs, etc. have been minimized and they are severe. This implies the imposition of high fines (e.g. in the case of an uninsured employee) due to the strict time frame.


The modern company that wants to avoid wasting time and money, can assign its Payroll Management to the DIOIKEIN-EPIXEIREIN. The experienced and specialized staff of our company handles quickly and consistently every issue related to payroll, relieving the company of this time-consuming process, while providing up-to-date information on any changes in labour and insurance legislation.


Indicative services we can provide you


  • Issuance and Management of Staff Payroll
  • Calculation of payroll of employees who resign or are fired
  • Production of payroll accounting item
  • Electronic submission to the information system “ERGANI” of the forms of recruitment, contract termination, staff statements, etc
  • Employer inventory in insurance funds
  • Submission of all required declarations to Insurance &Labor Organizations
  • Payroll budget for the current or next year
  • Preparation and submission of the annual final payroll tax return
  • Compilation, printing and electronic sending of Receipts of payment per employee, with analysis of earnings – reservations
  • Participation of your company in subsidized work programs through OAED